Our tiles are the ideal completion for your interior, applicable to any room.

Using ceramic tiles has many advantages:

They are solid, easy to clean, waterproof, they can take heat and cold, they are reflective, eye-catching, and surprising in colour and shape. Our tiles are sustainable, your walls will live happily ever after.


Over time we developed a huge range of tiles; from classic whites to full-colour tiles,
from marble imitations to flower designs, from old Dutch Delft to contemporary artwork,

from small to large, from square to round, from triangle to flower-shaped, ...


We keep creating new variations, with unique designs and original patterns supported by our extensive know-how
and our unique range of colours.

Handmade reproductions can be created to replace damaged pieces to match perfectly within your restoration project.

Below you can find an overview of our existing tiles, but everything is possible.

Prices on demand. Don't hesitate to contact us to ask for an estimate.

We have a solution for every budget.

Product overview

Plain white tiles 


Plain coloured tiles







Hand painted tiles



we are able to reproduce any tile for your restoration project








form follows function

all shapes and colors possible

You don't find what you're looking for? You like the colour but not the shape?

You are looking for something specific or exclusive?

Contact us, we can customize any tile especially for your project or we can make it for you.

We love to get inspired by customer projects.


We also have a selection of handcrafted interior objects to decorate your home.

These series are constantly evolving.