Do you wish to create a full interior with our handmade ceramics and objects?

We tailor-make our ceramics especially for you, not only by colour and pattern but also by shape, following the curves of your interior.

Everything is custom made to the smallest details and brought to you by our creativity and our extensive knowledge of the unlimited possibilities of our product.

We work together with architects, interior designers and local craftsmen, but we also do small private projects. 

We love working together with our clients to create a unique interior.


Discover the versatility of handmade ceramics and how it can uplift your interior and add an original, colourful and light-reflecting touch.


Have a look at some of our favourite bespoke tile projects below or share your dream with us.

Restaurant De Garage, Kortrijk

Design of the restaurant as a whole with a custom made bar and lightning.
> A bar with built-in ceramic lightning: pattern and colours of the wall tiles, rounded tiles following the shape of the bar and customized terrazzo for the countertop

> Creation and manufacturing of the shades above the tables (also for sale as an independent object).

> Developed in close collaboration with the team behind De Garage and produced in our local workshop. 


thank you Isabel Vanhalst for some of these great pictures

"The little houses", private project

The wall tiles form a city pattern which is assembled like a puzzle.

Floral tiles:
Bespoke tiles for a private project. 
The tiles are cut by hand following the rounded shape of the design. 

Coffee bar & workspaces Stoom, Vilvoorde

a concept by Atelier Maat.

Artwork as a contribution to the exhibition VICE VERSA about local earthenware at Eperon d’Or, museum of the industrial heritage of Izegem.

New... In the kitchen.

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